Best Movie Of All Time!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the greatest movie of all time is the ORIGINAL Karate Kid with Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita.  There are not any original ideas floating out there anymore and that is no more evident than the (horrific) remake of the original Karate Kid.  I was 9 years old when the karate kid came out.  I moved a lot when I was young.  I took martial arts at the YMCA.  I got bullied when I moved to a new school.  I grew up without a father.  I WAS THE KARATE KID in more than just one sense.

The way this movie builds and speaks to the vast majority of us is unequaled in today’s film industry.  The plot is more about life than it is about anything else.  Trying to fit in, the awkwardness of dating, and making your mark in this world are several of the underlying themes that make this a transcendent film.  We find ourselves rooting for…well…ourselves, and when the movie crescendo’s into what I consider the ultimate cinematic climax, we learn about overcoming our obstacles and embracing life’s hardships.  Are there more explosions, more romantic love scenes, more tear filled drama moments in other movies?  Yes, is there a better movie?  I humbly answer…NOOOOOOO!  For further evidence, watch this…



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