Hasbro wants Transformers 4 (and 5)

As a child of the 80s, Transformers is one of those properties that I’d always wanted to see in live action.  Now that we have three of them, I am looking forward to Voltron and M.A.S.K., though the latter may never happen, but who knows.  That said, I loved the first Transformers film, and only liked Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  I thought the sequel had what I was looking for (more robots) but needed a lot of work.  Unfortunately, TF2 was doomed by the scheduled release date and the writer’s strike.  That meant they were filming from a spec script, and had no time to go back over the script for enough drafts to work out the problem areas, and meant gaping holes in the story that you could drive a truck through.  See what I did there?

On came Transformers: Dark of the Moon, a movie that I feel is the best of the three, with incredible action, decent twists, excellent music, and even some emotion.  Plus, it had MORE robots with scenes featuring only robots.  I even left the film under the impression that the “actress” they hired to replace Megan Fox was actually a better actor than Fox, for her part and that Shia LeBeouf has been consistently good in all three of the movies.  The story was pretty solid, and the Decepticons were so evil that by the time the Autobots showed up, you were ready to cheer them on with every Decepticon they took out.

I can only imagine what a fourth Transformers might bring, and from the sounds of it, it could be sans Michael Bay in the directors chair, and without Shia LeBeouf.  Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner said Monday that the toy giant is in active discussions with studio partner Paramount, director Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg about a potential fourth Transformers movie, adding he hopes to have news to share in the next quarter.  Rumor has it that Hasbro and Paramount want to save money on the production of the next film in the series, and would like to film both Transformers 4 and Transformers 5 at the same time.  Since the Matrix sequels, this has happened a lot, and would afford a single story spread across two films with a solid cliffhanger.

What do I want?  A good, cleaner, Transformers movie that features the Autobots and Decepticons as the stars of the film, carrying the movie in the way that they carried each episode of the cartoon.  The humans need to be the supporting characters.

I know that some of Michael Bay’s folks said, and heard from others, that people went to the first one afraid that it would be all robots with no people and were happy that it was mostly about people.  I am here to say, they’re wrong.  The robots are supposed to be the heart of the story, and can be.  My evidence?  Toy Story, Cars, The Iron Giant, Wall-E, Short Circuit and more movies that feature characters that are not human that we care about (even if they are secondary characters).

Point is, I love the Transformers and I hope that the franchise does continue.  Even if it’s a continuation of the Michael Bay version, I know that we’re closer to getting the one that we all really want.  Transformers 4 could even be the one, if the right director is in control.  My guess is that the fourth film will be Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay, with a new director behind the camera.  That gives us the opportunity for something that is both similar in look, but different in style.

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